Works with simple 7 steps


Investive has facilitated over 100,000 successful business sales and is visited over 1 Million times each month by potential business buyers.

Planning Valuation Marketing Deal Making Due Diligence Closing Post Sale Assistance/ Integration

STEP 1: Planning

Thinking about selling your business?  Start with a simple conversation with Investive. We discuss what is right for you by looking at factors such as revenue, cash flow, employees, family, timing and other aspects that define your industry.

STEP 2: Valuation

Our team of analysts collect and review financial data surrounding your business.  At Investive, we go one step further by looking at industry trends, past transactions and intimate business details including human capital,to come up with the most probable selling price.

STEP 3: Marketing

We develop a customized marketing strategy to ensure the maximum probability in selling your business. In addition, we create a tailor-made and aesthetically pleasing prospectus and maintain strict confidentially in presenting to vetted, qualified buyers and private equity groups.

STEP 4: Deal Making

We always look for win-win. We are passionate about bringing the right buyers and sellers together.

STEP 5: Due Diligence

Where most ‘other’ transactions fail in this process, our unbiased ‘hands-on approach ensures strict confidentiality while providing suitable transparency and accessibility to move the deal forward.

STEP 6: Closing

We facilitate the closing, helping you execute the agreement and finalize the transaction.

STEP 7: After-Sale Service

We are invested in your success and we love to help. We assist with buyer and seller on-going needs after the sale to ensure a smooth transition for a successful outcome for everyone involved.